Getting Your Old Junk Car Out Of The Yard

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Getting Your Old Junk Car Out Of The Yard

22 June 2020
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Selling a car that is running is easy, but getting rid of a vehicle that is no longer running is not as easy. Calling a junk car removal service is the best option if you have one near you, but there are some things you need to know when you call.

Cash for Your Car

Selling your junk car is sometimes difficult because while some junk car removal services may pay for the cars they pick up, many just take the car off your hands and do not charge you to remove it. You will need to check with the services in your area to see if they buy the cars they pick up or not.

The amount of money a junk car reveal service pays for the vehicle is going to depend on the weight of the car, the number of good parts on the vehicle, and the condition of the car. Junk cars are sometimes repairable, so if the car is running but needs a lot of work you don't want to do, the removal service may take it and repair it then sell the car used or at auction. Sometimes this makes the car worth more, and the removal service may pay more for it.

Titles and Legal Paperwork

One question that people often wonder about is whether or not a title is required when selling a junk car. The answer is really up to the junk car removal service. In some states, a title is necessary whenever a vehicle changes hands, while in other areas, the title is not necessary for cars over twenty years old or scrap vehicles that are not going back on the road.

If the junk car removal service is going to sell the car at auction or through a private sale, they most likely will need the title to the car if you have it. The best way to determine if the title is required is to the car the removal service and ask them if they require it or not. 

A bill of sale is always a good idea as well. The bill of sale allows you and the junk car removal service to show a transfer of ownership in case anything happens that would raise a question about that. Even a handwritten bill of sale is legal in most states as long as it is signed and dated. Make a copy for you and a copy for the service taking the car to cover all your bases.