Keeping Your Car's Exhaust System In Good Condition And Making Required Repairs

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Keeping Your Car's Exhaust System In Good Condition And Making Required Repairs

28 January 2022
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The exhaust system under your vehicle plays a significant role in how your car sounds and the safety of the car. Muffler maintenance and exhaust repair play a vital part in your vehicle's overall performance, and there are some things you should check regularly. 

Exhaust Inspections

Exhaust system inspections are an important part of your routine maintenance program and can help find minor problems that you can fix before they become larger ones. Something as minor as a loose exhaust hanger allowing the muffler to hang low under the car can be a problem. When the exhaust is loose or hanging too low, there is a higher chance of it impacting something on the road and causing damage that requires muffler repair. 

Having a technician inspect the car's underside and check all the connections and hangers in the exhaust system is a good starting point. Part of muffler maintenance involves checking the condition of the muffler shell, looking for rust on the muffler or holes in the muffler and the exhaust pipe under the car. 

If any small rust holes are starting to appear in the muffler body, you will most likely need to replace the muffler with a new one. Muffler repair kits are available for temporary use, but once a hole develops, the best course of action is to replace the muffler with a new one. The repair kits often cover the hole in the muffler, but they do not stop the rust from forming inside the case and spreading further. 

Loud Exhaust

The most common symptom of an exhaust problem is having a loud exhaust. In some cases, a loose joint can allow the exhaust to escape and create noise, while other times, the noise can come from a hole in a pipe, the muffler, or the catalytic convertor. 

Often, the noise is accompanied by an exhaust odor inside the car because the gases are not getting all the way out from under the vehicle. Exhaust gases that make it into the passenger compartment not only smell bad, they are also dangerous and, over time, can make you sick. 

If the exhaust suddenly starts getting louder under your vehicle, take the car into the shop and have the exhaust system checked thoroughly. The repair may be minor, but if it is not corrected right away, the problem will worsen over time and lead to more damage to the exhaust system.

Any muffler repair shop can go over the system and tell you what needs to be repaired, and most shops will look the car over and give you an estimate for free, then you can decide what repairs to make on the system. Contact a muffler repair service near you to learn more.