The ABCs Of Shopping For Used Auto Parts At A Salvage Yard

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The ABCs Of Shopping For Used Auto Parts At A Salvage Yard

7 January 2016
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When you make a habit of servicing your own vehicle and doing work yourself when something needs to be done, one of the biggest conveniences is knowing a good salvage yard that can give you access to used auto parts at a fraction of what you would have to pay otherwise. Shopping at a salvage yard for auto parts is completely different than shopping at a regular parts house and if you have no experience, it is easy to get discouraged or confused. There is a simple rule set to keep in mind that will help you along the way when you are shopping at a salvage yard for parts for your vehicle.  

Always know what is safe to buy at a salvage yard. 

Buying used auto body parts at a salvage yard is an excellent idea almost always, but when it comes to engine components, not every part should be purchased from a junkyard. Some auto parts are prone to corrosion and damage as they sit, such as fuel system components, filters and gaskets, fluid reservoirs, and electrical parts. 

Be prepared to go on a hunt for your own parts at some salvage yards. 

Some salvage yards employ people who go after parts when a customer makes a request either over the phone or in person. These employees are called runners and make the shopping experience at a salvage yard much easier, but not every salvage yard has enough staff on hand for this, so there is a chance you will have to go on a look for your own parts. Pull-a-part salvage yards allow customers to roam through the cars that they have in stock to find what they need, which can actually be a little fun if you have never had the experience.  

Call ahead unless the salvage yard is rather large. 

Salvage yards may not always have a vehicle in their yard that matches the one you are looking for parts to fit, unless, of course, you are lucky enough to have one in your location that is pretty large. Therefore, it is always a good idea to call ahead if you are looking for something specific just to save you a trip. Even if a salvage yard does not have a particular part that you are looking for, they often stay in communication with other salvage yard owners in the vicinity that could have what you need. 

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