Auto Parts You Can Buy Used To Save Money On Repairs

Do you need to fix up your car with new car parts on a tight budget? Learn more about finding used auto parts for a great price.

Auto Parts You Can Buy Used To Save Money On Repairs

11 January 2016
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When your car needs repairs and you don't have a large budget, you can save money by buying used parts. Some parts can be purchased used via a salvage yard or even a parts dealer at a fraction of their new cost. While you may not want to buy some parts used, such as a heater core, there are others that are still in great working condition even though they are pre-owned to help you get your car repaired without going broke. Here are auto parts you can buy used.


Your solenoid is partially responsible for helping your car run, and it works in conjunction with your starter to get the right electrical circuit flowing when you turn the key. Many cars break down due to unrelated issues, such as a blown engine or transmission, and the solenoid left behind is in good repair. Related to the solenoid is a starter. You can buy a used starter if this is your vehicle's issue and have it tested at your local auto parts store to ensure it is working as it should.


You can buy tires used with ample tread wear left to get your car moving down the road safely. Before buying any used tires, check the tread to make sure that all the tires you are buying have even wear on them. Avoid tires that have wear on the inner or outer areas, as these weak spots can lead to a blowout down the line. Also check any tires for a rough or gravelly appearance, which may indicate that they were a spare kept in the undercarriage of a vehicle and have been exposed to salt and other erosive road chemicals.


A used alternator is easy to find, and a relatively cheap auto part that you can purchase. You can go to your local salvage yard and buy a used alternator to help you save money on your repair costs. When going to a salvage yard, ask to view a few alternator options so you can choose the one with the best lubrication and wear on it for a more confident buy.

When you have to make repairs on your vehicle, there are many parts that you can buy used. From your alternator to your tires, if you shop wisely, you can save a lot of money in repairing your car. When buying used auto parts, have them tested (if possible) prior to placing them in your vehicle so you can be ensured a safer ride once the repairs have been made.