3 Signs Your Air Filter Needs To Be Changed

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3 Signs Your Air Filter Needs To Be Changed

13 January 2016
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Your vehicle is composed of a number of different parts that all come together to keep everything running smoothly. When one component stops working the way it should, it can cause a number of different problems with other components. Instead of finding yourself dealing with unnecessary repairs, you can save yourself a lot of hassle by simply taking care of the problem when you first notice something isn't right. Here are three signs your air filter needs to be changed.

Your vehicle's performance starts to decline.

When your vehicle starts having trouble accelerating or doesn't have adequate power, there is a good change that your air filter is dirty and clogged. If that is the case, it won't let adequate air into your vehicle's engine. Without fresh air, your vehicle cannot go through the combustion process properly. Dirty filters restrict air and prohibit combustion from occurring. You might notice your vehicle jerking when you try to accelerate. This is a telltale sign of a dirty air filter.

The engine starts making weird noises.

When the air filter starts getting clogged or dirty, it can cause your vehicle to make any number of weird noises as it sits there idling. Any spitting or coughing when sitting in traffic could be a sign that your engine doesn't have enough airflow. Changing the filter is normally all it takes to get rid of the weird noises and get your vehicle back working properly.

Your gas mileage starts to decline.

Start tracking your gas mileage. If you start going from 20 miles per gallon down to 12-15, you might be dealing with a dirty air filter. If you keep your air filter nice and clean, you could save money on overall fuel costs. While you might not be able to monitor your gas mileage every time you go in the vehicle, you can check it at least once every month. This way you can tell if something isn't right with your gas mileage before it gets too bad. Keep a simple log with dates and gas mileage so you can let the mechanic know what is going on with your vehicle.

If any of the above sound like something you are dealing with, you need to take your ride in and have it looked at. Don't ignore the signs and symptoms that something might be wrong. It could make matters worse down the line for you.

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