3 Tips For Saving Money On Auto Repairs

Do you need to fix up your car with new car parts on a tight budget? Learn more about finding used auto parts for a great price.

3 Tips For Saving Money On Auto Repairs

13 February 2016
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Owning a car can make life a lot more convenient, but it also comes with added expenses when there are mechanical problems. Repairs are inevitable when you own an automobile, but fixing your vehicle does not have to empty your bank account. Use the following tips to help you save money when you need to repair your car:

Avoid the Dealer Service Center

You may have gotten used to visiting the dealer service center for repairs and service while your car was under warranty, but after the warranty period is over, it is not the best place to go to get your car fixed when you want to save money. It is not uncommon for dealer service centers to charge higher hourly labor rates, and they typically use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts which can be very expensive compared to other options.

Consider Salvage Car Parts

When a vehicle is totaled in an accident or is no longer running due to major engine or transmission problems, it is not uncommon for it to end up in a salvage yard. While the car itself may no longer be viable, it likely has a number of parts that are in good working order. If you know something about cars, you can save a lot of money repairing your vehicle with parts that you have purchased for a rock bottom price from a local salvage yard.

Even if you don't have enough experience with cars to source the salvaged parts yourself, it is possible to buy salvage car parts in good condition online. Depending on the repair that your car needs, you could save a substantial amount of money by purchasing salvage auto parts when compared to the price of new auto parts. Some repair shops and mechanics offer salvage auto parts or will source them for a small fee if asked -- just make it known that you are interested in these types of parts for your car and you want to save as much money as possible.

Think About Aftermarket Parts

After market parts are brand new, but they are not made by the car's manufacturer like OEM parts, so they are often a lot cheaper. Many after market parts work just as well as their OEM counterparts, and most come with warranties. When you want to save money on auto repairs, make it clear to the auto repair shop or mechanic that you are working with that you prefer aftermarket parts over OEM parts.