Three Tips for Swapping a Car LCD Display for an After-Market Radio and Controls

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Three Tips for Swapping a Car LCD Display for an After-Market Radio and Controls

14 July 2016
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Modern cars are full of electronics and new technology. Over the years, technology changes. This can mean that an old LCD display can be outdated. If your once-modern car has a single-color display that also controls things like the radio, AC, and information about mileage, you may want to change your display out for a more modern solution. This can be a challenging task, but luckily you have many after-market options. Here are some tips to help you swap your old LCD display for a newer after-market upgrade:

1. Removing the Old Console Display and Labeling All the Wires

The first step in changing your display is removing the old LCD display and other components. This probably will require you to first remove the center console and then disconnect the cables. If your display has controls for the AC, radio, and other features, it is important to mark these cables for later reference. You may also need to talk to a car audio shop about getting harnesses and wiring for your upgrades. You can also search for special connectors that you may need at an auto salvage yard.

2. Deciding on the Features That You Need for the New LCD Display

When you are trying to decide on a new LCD display, consider the features you want to have. Some of these can be basic controls for a radio, but your features can also do more. You may want to have a touchscreen and wiring for things like controls for automatic windows or power locks. You can even make your car remote start the car and have wireless controls for the console. If you need to add features, before you buy new materials, you may want to look at the junk yard for things like remote starters, window controls, and other things that you plan on adding.

3. Fitting the New Unit into Its Housing and Creating Custom Trim for the Perfect Finish

When it comes time to fit the new unit into your car, you may find that nothing fits as it should. You can first check the dashboard or center console to see if it works. If it does not, you can make custom pieces with plastic molds. You may also want to check the junk yard for center consoles from different years of the same model in order to find more features and space for custom upgrades that you plan on adding to your car.

These are some tips to help you change your old after-market display for something new and modern. If you need parts for changing the LCD display in your car, contact an auto scrap yard to find interior parts to give your new display panel a custom fit.