Did You Win A Storage Auction That Includes A Car? Tips For You

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Did You Win A Storage Auction That Includes A Car? Tips For You

3 January 2017
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If you are a person that has recently got into the game of going to storage auctions and blind or partially blind bidding on the contents of storage units, then you may find yourself in new and uncertain territory. While this can be exciting, it can leave you unsure of how to proceed when you win certain items from your storage auction bids. When you win a storage auction that includes a car as part of the haul, this may be one of those cases where you are unsure and confused as to what you should do. Get to know some of the options available to you for the car you won in a storage auction so that you can proceed accordingly.

Sell it to a Junk Yard or Salvage Yard

One of the options available to you for the car you won in the storage auction is to sell it to a junk or salvage yard. This is the best possible option in many cases if the car that you obtained in the storage auction process is not in the best of shape. It is often not worth the time or effort for you to fix up a junk car that you took possession of in this way as the point of storage auction bidding is often to get a quick turnaround on the money invested in the auction.

As such, for cars that do not run or are in poor shape, contact salvage and junk yards that give people money for junk cars in your area. Depending on the make and model of the car, you may be able to make a decent amount of money by selling your newly obtained junk car for salvage and for parts. Be sure that you talk to a few junk or salvage yards before you commit to the sale to get the best deal for your find.

Use the Car as a Trade-In for Something You Really Want

If you have been holding out on buying yourself a car because you are holding out for that one perfect car or you do not want to trade in your current vehicle, then this new vehicle you obtained may be a true blessing in disguise. This new vehicle can actually be the ticket to getting the vehicle you have been coveting.

Your storage auction car find can be used as a trade-in on a new vehicle that you truly want for yourself. The best thing about this possibility is that if the car you won runs, then you can get a great trade-in price based on the Blue Book valuation of the car and the car will essentially have more than paid for your storage auction bid investment.

Now that you know a few of the options for the car you obtained in a storage auction win, you can better decide what you want to do with the car you now own.

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